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Montag, 14. Oktober 2013

A fading Beauty

Ok, the last months of the Beauty have arrived. The whole squat will be demolished in 2014, so we skate there at the moment as much as we can.

And it was time for some new photos!

Gnar, Frontside Crail Slasher in the pocket is heavy stuff. Photo: Buechi

Just cruising it. Photo: Buechi

Ok, that's a trick that is nearly impossible in the pocket. Texas Plant. WTF? Marcel, you're crazy. Photo: Buechi

Another angle, doesnt make it look easier. Marcel, Texas Plant. Photo: Buechi

This Back Crail from Marcel look very easy. Compared to the Texas Plant. Photo: Buechi

Oh Mirco you flying science fiction monster. Andrecht Plant. Photo: Buechi

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