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Donnerstag, 14. November 2013

And another session at the Sexy Bitch

Christoph doesnt even thinks if a trick is possible. He just does it. Backsmith in the Pocket. Photo: Buechi 

This lovely Basel Fucktard! Going layback style. Dan Matter in the Pocket. Photo: Buechi

And some more Layback Action from Dan. Photo: Buechi

And a clasic one. Nicolas with a Nosegrab slasher. Photo: Christoph Spiess

Always nice to have him in a Session. Stefan Keller with a masssive masssive Frontside Air. Photo: Buechi

And just to impress you, your mom, and everyone else. Blunt Nosegrab in the Pocket. Sick. Photo: Buechi

Crazy Tech Shizzle with Kili and Alan

Krazy Kili Kicks Kool Katapult Kover with Kalan.

It's not a cover, but it's a sequence page in the Place mag. Thats pretty heavy. As the trick itself. Sorry, my Rhymes suck.

Kilian Zehnder at the Beast, Sequence Alan Maag

Freitag, 1. November 2013

Herzblut at the Beauty

It's always nice to have guests. Especially our dear friends from Herzblut Skateboards. A nice session is guaranteed if you have Sargans in the house. Here we go:

Little Warmup stuff. Backsmith over the Crack. Christoph Spiess, Photo: Buechi

Ok, going serious, Rocknroll in the Oververt, isnt that easy. Photo: Buechi

Next: Getting Airtime for your Adidas. Photo: Marc Bachmann

And now, Gap Backtail. For fun. Yo Christoph! Photo: Buechi

In case you didnt knew what ACAB stands for, it means All Christoph Are Brutal. Or Allgäuer Cruisin At Beauty. Or Whatev. Gap Tailslide, the other way. Photo: Buechi

Ah yeah, The Marc going Boardslide all down the Corner. Nice Nice Nice! Photo: Buechi

Starting with the Herzblut Gangsters. Gilo goes Frontsmith down and around. Photo: Buechi

Getting his Boards from Herzblut makes him one too. Maybe. Nicolas, Crail Slide, Photo: Christoph Spiess

Ok. let's start with the heavy Business. Paul Buner is hell of a Skater. And his Boneless are crazy. Corner Jump Bonless. Oh yeah Boy, Oh yeah! Photo: Buechi

And another Angle. That leg, look at that leg! Sick! Photo: Buechi

You know what True Style is? Igor Wenzel is true Style. No fucking Irony, just fucking skateboarding. Wenzel is pure as this fucking Wallride is. Photo: Buechi