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Donnerstag, 20. November 2014

Golden Days

As it is already cold and foggy right now, we started a new indoor project. But here, the photos of the last session. A golden autumn day....

Alex Schauwecker. Frontsmith over the Death Box. Photo: Buechi

That Crazy guy. Chrigel, Blunt over the Death Box, Photo: Buechi

The Bavarian Bazooka strikes Back. Photo: Buechi

Same Trick, Different Death Box. Christoph Spiess, going fast. Photo: Buechi

Holiday Boy Marki, Nosegrab Slasher Gnar, Photo: Christoph Spiess

Looking Serious, Marco Hofer, Ollie, Photo: Buechi

Layback Boardslide Transfer. Red Hair Nicolas, Photo: Christoph Spiess

Rogger Wigger, Like a fucking train, all around, Photo: Christoph Spiess

Crail Nose 5-0 Nicolas, Photo: Christoph Spiess

Same Backsmith, different Angle, Christoph Spiess Yo! Photo: Buechi

Montag, 3. November 2014

der theis hat ein telefon. das telefon kann filmen.

und der mirco der marco und der chrigel haben rollbretter. die können fahren.

klicken. hier. jetzt.