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Donnerstag, 10. Juli 2014

Le petit désolé DIY, Soustons, France

Early June, we had the opportunity to go for a build in the lovely western france. Flo and Biff of the Element called Water surfcamp in Soustons digged a big hole in the sand. And our mission was, to fill it with smooth crete.

We packed a bag full of trowels and squashed ourselves in an EasyJet plane heading west.

The result is pretty smooth and funny to skate. And the camp is in such a lovely house, including a bar with indoor miniramp, a big steel miniramp in the camping area, and our nice little bowl.

It were 3 days of concrete in the burning french sun, strange crete mix by the factory but in the end we succeded! The camp is definitely worth a visit. And there are so many more skateparks in the area!

Go check Big thanks to Flo and Biff.

Enjoy here the wonderful photos of Sylvain Morger!

After a hard day of crete work, a surfing day at the beach rules! Photo: Sylvain Morger

That's what the camp house looks like. Like Paradise. My dear. Photo: Sylvain Morger

I want to skate it right now. In this very moment. Photo: Sylvain Morger

The woodwork table. Photo: Sylvain Morger

The finished bowl. Le petit désolé! Photo: Sylvain Morger

Tools of creation. Photo: Sylvain Morger

The holy grail.

Good Crew. Boris, Marc, Sylvai, Marco, Nicolas, Flo. Not shown: Biff, Buuma and Michael.

Dienstag, 8. Juli 2014

Fashion Shooting, Fuck off!

Again, there was an unauthorised fashion shooting at the Beast. Fuck you Friday, Fuck you. 

Again, a big company tries to get credibility from the underground scene. 

Really, Fuck you "Friday Magazine", Fuck You.

Beast to the Best.

Yo. We finished a complete new part. Come by and have fun!