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Freitag, 23. Oktober 2015

It fades away...

Here we are again, in the last days of a spot. A spot we built with love and sweat. A spot we paid rent with our pain and broken bones.

Ollie fakies in this wallride are no fun. Actually, nothing is fun down there. Boris. Photo: Nicolas Buechi

That's quite crazy. How to get there. In this spot. Serge knows. Photo: Nicolas Buechi

5 people on deck and it is crowded. No problem for the Bavarian Bazooka. Photo: Nicolas Buechi

That's Linus. Say hello. Photo: Nicolas Buechi

This kid again. Frontside Blunts on the hip. Not bad yo. Photo: Nicolas Buechi

Does he have a name? Dunno, not important. Style counts. Photo: Nicolas Buechi

This is Marco and he likes to jump from Wall to Wall. He's like Spiderman. Photo: Nicolas Buechi

He's awesome and angry and this is a skateboard trick. Luca. Photo: Nicolas Buechi

Montag, 19. Oktober 2015

Hüüssllii (.) (.) GEIL

Happy Monday am 26.10 18.00 openend bis Abriss

Punks are Not Dead..... yet

Eichstr. 11 ZH

Skate the Hüüsli sletste mal, muäschmal gsee ha

xDIY. SkateboardingDIY. SkateboardingDIY. SkateboardingDIY. SkateboardingDIY. Skateboardingx

Dienstag, 6. Oktober 2015

Eat the Cherry

Kreuzlingen gets a Massiv D.I.Y and Skate fäst
support them.
We support them.
I support them.

Impression of the BAUSTELLE:

"Weniger Leute, mehr Kubik!"

"Hauptsächlich, geht es drum um uns glücklich zumachen. Schon ganz cool."


Event hier:

Bands hier:


Frontlinen Skateshop Konstanz
Zwiebel Grab
Cherry Bowl crew
Love me Skateboards

Madrid Skateboards
September Wheels
Root Longboards
KOLOSS Skateboards
Fine Line
Shotgun audiovisual productions
Titus Tornados Bearings

Donnerstag, 1. Oktober 2015

Some Faces. Good People.

There was this session, and there were this people, and this are very good people, and I like them very much.