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Sonntag, 11. März 2012

some more barriers shots

hey, alan maag just send me some more pictures of the hardturm jerseys. nice! Also it looks like he did the real first concrete on the jerseys!

Magnani, Piv Fakie, © alan maag

Our dear friend and September Wheels Teamrider Pero Jurkic. This was once a Warrriors Ad., Back Tail, © alan maag

And our Friend and Mavericks Shop Keeper Monir Salihi, © alan maag

Dienstag, 6. März 2012

Our Roots: The Hardturm Jersey Barriers

I remember a summer night in July 2008. It was the night the Hardturm Stadium got squatted and I walked home in the early morning sunshine when I came across these Jerseys.

This was how everything started. Some weeks later, me and Firehead decided to go for it an pour on some concrete. The first try, we went at night, stole some bricks on a construction site (two big backpacks full) and carried them on our bikes to the stadium site. But since the squatting, a security guard with a dog was patroulling there at night. So we were done before we even started.

Second try we came at ten in the morning. We even prepared a little wooden construction for the sides. It was all done in some minutes. And it was a hell of fun to ride. After some months it got teared down.

And so it's the fun in the story, that we came back with THE BEAST only ten meters, from where everything started.

Damien Morger, Stand-Up Feeble

Sylvain Morger, Powerslide Pivot fakie

Nicolas Büchi, Melon

Lukas Halter, Back Smith

Nicolas Büchi, Slasher

Lukas Halter, Blunt to fakie

Damien Morger, Rock'n'Roll

Flavio Zimmermann, Wallie

Sascha Leutwyler, 5-0

Lukas Halter, Feeble