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Dienstag, 13. Januar 2015

Down there.

a little time has passed by, and sessions in the cheller are heating up. 

Chrigel knows those smiths for sure! Photo: Buechi

Same Trick different angle. Photo: Buechi

Marco is Fly. And he got lips. Photo: Buechi

This one is nice. And not easy. And its Marco. Photo: Buechi

I got absolutely no idea, where he got enough speed for a lipslide up there. You crazy you. Mirco, Back Lip. Photo: Buechi

That's what I call style. Pure Style. Fuck Yes. Photo: Buechi

And another backlip. Photo: Buechi

That guy Tobi from Germany made an appearence. Not bad for an old man. Photo: Buechi

Last trick of the session, let's go to the BonesKlinik Bar. (not shown) Photo: Buechi