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Donnerstag, 28. März 2013

How to make your own DIY wooden Pool Trowels while recycling old Skateboards

Over the time, we got some experience with shaping concrete. And first thing we learned, we need good wooden trowels for the first contact with the concrete. Filling up holes and smoothing it roughly is the first step, waaay before you work with an metal trowel.

The problem is, where to get good wooden trowels, that already have a shape in it, to shape a corner or a pocket. Pudi from Germany made some very hiquality trowels, also did Stan from the Black Cross Bowl/Port Land Gang. And there are the expensive, but awesome General Sherman Radius Floats.

The next possibilty is, to create your own wooden trowels, using old skateboards. A skateboard with good concave has exactly the shape we can use as a trowel. And you recycle your old board, instead of throwing it away.

So here is the step by step instruction.
1. Download our template File from here.

2. Print the File.

3. Cut it out.

4. Draw it on an old skateboard.

5. Draw it. Yes.

6. Draw the handles on the nose and tail.
7. Yes. Drawing finished.

8. Now, cut it out.

9. Cut everything out. Take care of your fingers.

10. Connect the two handles with some wooden glue and screws. If you like it, you can also use 3 pieces of the handle shape. This makes your final handle more stable and comfortable.

11. Sand the handle until it feels nicely in the hand.

12. Sand the trowel.

13. Finished Sanding.
14. Connect the handle with the trowel with two good screws. Really tighten the screws, so they dont appear on the surface. Sand a little bit the trowel, to get a good smooth shape.

15. Finished.

You see the radius of the float.

Fits well in the hand.

Building Port Land in Basel.

Mittwoch, 20. März 2013

The Future of the Beast! (Or: whats happening this summer?)

Heyho Friends of Concrete!!!

Winter time over here was cold and freezing. Apart from some little Binz and Beauty Session, zero activity on 4 Wheels were happening. We had the most snow since 40 years in Switzerland, so you'd better stayed at home!

But now, temperatures are going slowly up, but our motivation is already boiling. As we saw, that the Beast had suffered a little bit, we decided to organise a gathering of the whole crew, to discuss some future plans with all members together. Here are two pics of the gathering:

So the biggest improvement is, that the Beast goes ECO! We get a solar powered power source. Producing our own electricity for light and music at the Bowl. Then, we gonna rebuilt the chill area completely, and add a little quarter pipe, a china bank, and maybe even a curb.
And of course, throw some nice paint on the walls!
And we try to fix the drainage problem, as our pump got stolen, we had to dry the bowl too many times by hand. 

As we need money for that we gonna do another awesome fundraising party in the Beauty Salon. Everyone who was there last year, knew what hell of a party it was. And for sure, we try to get ÜBER YOU and  DAS EMPIRE as live acts. 

But if you live in a country far far far away. And you want to support us financially, we have now a Donate button on our blog. It's right here. Give us some Dollar, and we will be thankful to you, till the end ouf our lives. (Every donater gets a beer and a hug at the Beast for FREE!)

Let's make it happen!