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Mittwoch, 23. Oktober 2013

A fading Beauty II

Time passes slowly. But the end is near, and the Beauty will be gone soon.

We are busy right now, shooting photos, filming lines to preserve this Paradise a little bit. Just to be able to remember it, in harsh winter nights.

Chrigel Strupler is a fine fellow, always motivated and a good buddy on a long bar night. And his Ice Plants are smooth as hell! Photo: Buechi

And again, this time in Black&White and from Outside. Photo: Buechi

Marc going all in and doing his first Frontside Smith at the Beauty Salon. Oh Yeah! Photo: Buechi

Marcel, why u going home? We had a lot of fun skating with you. Photo: Buechi

Montag, 14. Oktober 2013

A fading Beauty

Ok, the last months of the Beauty have arrived. The whole squat will be demolished in 2014, so we skate there at the moment as much as we can.

And it was time for some new photos!

Gnar, Frontside Crail Slasher in the pocket is heavy stuff. Photo: Buechi

Just cruising it. Photo: Buechi

Ok, that's a trick that is nearly impossible in the pocket. Texas Plant. WTF? Marcel, you're crazy. Photo: Buechi

Another angle, doesnt make it look easier. Marcel, Texas Plant. Photo: Buechi

This Back Crail from Marcel look very easy. Compared to the Texas Plant. Photo: Buechi

Oh Mirco you flying science fiction monster. Andrecht Plant. Photo: Buechi

And a brand new clip from the Beauty!

Captain Tapas, aka Marcel is busy filming and cutting. Looks like he wants to publish as much footage from his stay as possible.

No Problem, we like this very much.

Enjoy here this little Clip featuring Marcel, Mirco, Nicolas, Marc, Chrigel, Hofer!

Good work, yeah!

Freitag, 11. Oktober 2013

Barcelona and the Beast

Our newest addition to the Beast is Senor Marcel, aka Captain Tapas.

He made a nice little clip shredding some street spots in Zürich and a good part of the Beast. Including a cameo of Igor.

Watch it here, and stay happy.

Old Guys rule!

Thanks to Alan Maag for this shot. 

Old guys rule yo!

Dienstag, 8. Oktober 2013

Two Robins and a Mirco

Summer was good, and pictures are pooping up from forgotten film rolls.

Enjoy here. Two times Robin with a Backsmith, and a Mirco with a Boneless.

Mirco and his Boneless on the car. Awesome. Photo: Buechi

This Boy Robin. Going fast and stylish. Photo: Buechi

Another angle, another glory. Photo: Buechi

Sonntag, 6. Oktober 2013

Nostalgia Part II: Mircos Noseblunt

Last Night, we were at the Premiere of the 10 Years "Safari" Movie. It's pretty good, pure street, but a small portion of Sihlside and The Beast is in it.

They also released a book about the 10 years of Safari. And the Beast's very own and talented Mirco got a nice shot of Sihlside in it. The fabolous Noseblunt. If I remember correctly, the photographer, Alan, had to lick the coping after this went down. The Coping. In Sihlside. Halleluja.