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Montag, 22. Dezember 2014

the cutie

HOHOHO, its never to soon for a cristmas present;
so we proud to presenting the new shit in downtown Zureich;

mhhhh so many things, photo etienne
Step1, photo Etienne Messikommer

Step2, photo Serge Bertschy

 Step3, photo Etienne Messikommer
Step4, photo Serge Bertschy

antistress derail plan, edited by ouer wounderfull Boris Dietschi, photo Serge Bertschyüchi, photo Marco Hofer

oh, guys lets get 3 ähh 4, no 4.5cubic concret, photo unknow

whuuupiwhuuup, photo Etienne Messikommer

strange metal, photo Guillom

cleaning, photo Elliot Goff

FERTIG 1, photo Etienne Messikommer

FERTIG 2, photo Etienne Messikommer

FERTIG 3, photo Etienne Messikommer

FERTIG 4, photo Etienne Messikommer
first disastero, from tower Luca, photo Serge Bertschy

Elliot Goff, with a wounderful crail, photo Serge Bertschy

Dienstag, 9. Dezember 2014

20 Years of Kampsa - FULL MOVIE

There are certain DIY Spots in the World, that are quite magical. One of those KAMPSA in the Basque Country.

So much Herzblut and Love in one spot, super cool locals and super heavy sessions. They have now released their full history movie. 20 years of Kampsa, which puts them in a league as Burnside.

So lean back, grab a Keler18, and enjoy 53 minutes of awesome DIY History.

Donnerstag, 20. November 2014

Golden Days

As it is already cold and foggy right now, we started a new indoor project. But here, the photos of the last session. A golden autumn day....

Alex Schauwecker. Frontsmith over the Death Box. Photo: Buechi

That Crazy guy. Chrigel, Blunt over the Death Box, Photo: Buechi

The Bavarian Bazooka strikes Back. Photo: Buechi

Same Trick, Different Death Box. Christoph Spiess, going fast. Photo: Buechi

Holiday Boy Marki, Nosegrab Slasher Gnar, Photo: Christoph Spiess

Looking Serious, Marco Hofer, Ollie, Photo: Buechi

Layback Boardslide Transfer. Red Hair Nicolas, Photo: Christoph Spiess

Rogger Wigger, Like a fucking train, all around, Photo: Christoph Spiess

Crail Nose 5-0 Nicolas, Photo: Christoph Spiess

Same Backsmith, different Angle, Christoph Spiess Yo! Photo: Buechi

Montag, 3. November 2014

der theis hat ein telefon. das telefon kann filmen.

und der mirco der marco und der chrigel haben rollbretter. die können fahren.

klicken. hier. jetzt.

Sonntag, 26. Oktober 2014


Days are getting shorter and temperatures are getting colder. Nice to see some photos of Spiess and Sillybang!

Freitag, 10. Oktober 2014

TAKE IT........................... WITH FLEX

It's wintertime on the calender and we have the last sunnpower of the summer right here on the pictures!

Ouer supernew gutter-coping, with Gilo from tha Herzblut, fs Hurricane. Photo: Serge Bertschy

Chrigel on escalator, fs feeble. Photo: Serge Bertschy

Denis ramp to Beast boneless transfer. Might be think of this, just think.... Photo: Serge Bertschy

Flexibelcrail, from mister flexibel aka Luca. Photo: Serge Bertschy

 Dogtown style, Kevin. Photo: Serge Bertschy

 Flexibel2, Luca. Photo: Serge Bertschy

Stadi on a massive transfer. Photo: Serge Bertschy

Layenback one the new side, Chrigel. Photo: Serge Bertschy

Some birds tweets there is a new indoor hope.

Mittwoch, 1. Oktober 2014

Beast 'n' white

the Beast get some more tricks

biggest Beast out there!


cheers Mirco

flying Boris

blunting Simon

a warrior

chrigel's deathsmith


Sonntag, 10. August 2014

Donnerstag, 10. Juli 2014

Le petit désolé DIY, Soustons, France

Early June, we had the opportunity to go for a build in the lovely western france. Flo and Biff of the Element called Water surfcamp in Soustons digged a big hole in the sand. And our mission was, to fill it with smooth crete.

We packed a bag full of trowels and squashed ourselves in an EasyJet plane heading west.

The result is pretty smooth and funny to skate. And the camp is in such a lovely house, including a bar with indoor miniramp, a big steel miniramp in the camping area, and our nice little bowl.

It were 3 days of concrete in the burning french sun, strange crete mix by the factory but in the end we succeded! The camp is definitely worth a visit. And there are so many more skateparks in the area!

Go check Big thanks to Flo and Biff.

Enjoy here the wonderful photos of Sylvain Morger!

After a hard day of crete work, a surfing day at the beach rules! Photo: Sylvain Morger

That's what the camp house looks like. Like Paradise. My dear. Photo: Sylvain Morger

I want to skate it right now. In this very moment. Photo: Sylvain Morger

The woodwork table. Photo: Sylvain Morger

The finished bowl. Le petit désolé! Photo: Sylvain Morger

Tools of creation. Photo: Sylvain Morger

The holy grail.

Good Crew. Boris, Marc, Sylvai, Marco, Nicolas, Flo. Not shown: Biff, Buuma and Michael.