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Donnerstag, 16. Januar 2014

Winter not so cold, Skaters are heating up!

It's mid winter. And we had already so many good sessions, it nearly feels like summer. Time for some sponsoring advices and the photography by Christoph Spiess! Yes.

this is christoph spiess, sponsored by RubySoho Skateshop & Café Kaufbeuren. Photo: Buechi

This is Don Natter. Sponsored by the fears and hopes of women. Photo: Buechi

This is Luca Andermatt. I think he needs a sponsor. Photo: Christoph Spiess

This is Marc Bachmann. Too old for a sponsor. Photo: Christoph Spiess

This is Nicolas. Sponsored by Herzblut Skateboards. Not by September Wheels. Photo: Christoph Spiess

This is Serge Bertschy. He knows someone who is sponsored. Photo: Christoph Spiess

Btw. Welcome Back Men.

Donnerstag, 9. Januar 2014

Friends, Friends, Friends and a face.

Yesterday was a good day. Imagine, skating in the Beauty in Mid-January in a t-shirt. I remember how we were freezin last year at this time. Something is weird about the climate.

Alex Treter from Lugano/Antwerpen made it to the Beauty, which is always good fun. And this Frontside Rock, perfffect.

Photo: Nicolas Buechi

And another Friend, who isnt that often at the Beauté. Robin Fischer from Baden showed up, learned quickly, gained some speed and locked in this Back D. Nice one Fischer-Boy.
Photo: Nicolas Buechi

And as third Friend, we have Beauty Local Marco Hofer, always there always on a new trick. Sweetest Sweeper so far. Thank you Mr. Hofer.
Photo: Nicolas Buechi

And as we know, it's really important to please the girls, we'd like to show you here the Face. Hi Dan.