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Sonntag, 28. Oktober 2012

Beauty Construction Phase III

Winter is here, and as I write these words, it's snowing outside, which means, winter has arrived definitely in Switzerland.

Over the last few weeks we continued to work at The Beauty. We want to close the bowl, before snow comes. ...Not....

thinking about the shape

recycling bricks

bricks & mortar

not well done panorama of the new wok. as we learned on different occasions, we try it this time with styropor.

discussing the work...

safety work.

super safety work

watering the concrete

we finished now to fill up the whole wok, next up, rebar, and wood. concrete should be done in two weeks.


End of Summer RECAP

Ok, there was not much of blogging in the last weeks. The cause is not that special. First of all, September was kind of a travelling month for most of us.

We did little help in the Kampsa in Donostia/Basque Country, to build there a new Bank and Quarter. Kampsa is awesome and the crew is super dope!

And then, one part of the crew spent a lot and a lot of time in Basel, building the successor of the Black Cross Bowl. It's called Port Land, now finished, and crazy/stupid/awesome/gigantic. It has a huge bowl, with vert deep-end and very intersting flow park. This one is defintely on of the best parks ever!!!

Check these two TV-Reports about Port Land:

ok, so long from our brothers. I think I'll do a new post concerning the beauty....

Czech Army Part II

Check the article the crew around Milos Hroch about their visit to the Beast!

Looks like they had a lot of fun at the Beast, the Beauty and even Sihlside!

Here the link to their story:

Donnerstag, 4. Oktober 2012

Czech Pool Army at the Beast

Diesen Sommer war ja mal noch die Czech Pool Army mit Martin Lucuk und Martin Jurasek Gast bei uns. Martin Lucuk war ein ganz entscheidender Faktor für das Beast, ohne ihne hätten wir keine Chance gegeben.

Hier nun der Tour Artikel von Ihnen. Und direkt schon von Google Translate vor übersetzen lassen.
Das Beste ist mit Abstand der "Yogi Flip in den Hintern"