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Freitag, 25. Januar 2013

Warriors in the Beauty

Our dear friends, the Warriors were at the Beauty. In December already, but the post somehow got missed....

But apparently, they weren't skating at all, they were just posing alike. Because, the tricks they do, are simply impossible. There must be a magic mixture of Alan Maags Photography, Photoshop, and posing. (Or maybe not....)

Warriors rule!

Dino Brandao, flying from the Quarter pipe in the Direction. Photo: Alan Maag

See what I'm talking about? Blunt Fakie in the Pocket? Really Igor? This must be fake! Photo: Alan Maag

Adrien Marco, a nosepick in the Oververt? You see what I'm talking about. This is absolutely impossible. Photo: Alan Maag

Mirco Butterfly and his Nosegrind to the Ass Crack. Never seen you doing that. Fake! For sure! Photo: Alan Maag

Montag, 14. Januar 2013

how to do frontside wallrides

thats how you do it!!!!

Alex Kaspar in the Beauty

(Photo: that guy Tobi from Germany)

Sonntag, 6. Januar 2013

The construction of THE BEAUTY D.I.Y, Zurich

A little time passed since the opening, we all were busy, but now I found the time, to bring on here the full history of this year long construction process.

When we first entered the room, it was a full junkyard. But now, it is really a BEAUTY. Smooth to skate, a good couch, even a decent sound system.

So here is one year of blood and dust. Enjoy the pictures:

That was the room, as it looked like, when we first entered it.
The first big cleaning round. This was a hell's work.

Wood Work 

The plan was, to build on one side a quarterpipe, and on the other a wallride.

Boris in the wooden frame of the wallride.

Fuck, I nearly forgot, how much work it was, to get all the trash together to fill the ramps at that time.

Sylvain, filling up the shit.

It starts to look a little bit like it should. This was mid November 2011.

Looks like we were ready for the concrete.

Rebars in the wallride. We had luck, and found the rebars onsite.

Rebars in the quarterpipe.

Filling up with concrete.

Quarterpipe is finished. Fuck, I see the wobbels even on this picture. They are still there...

The first step was done in early December 2011.

Paintjob Pro.


Cutting down the walls.

In February 2012, we continued with the second stage. On this day, when we made the wood work, it was around - 15° Celsius.

Wood work on the left side. At this time, we thought about doing a spine, there on the left side.

Filling it up with trash was a big task. Fuck!

I just love pictures of cement, sand and gravel bags. Really. 

Cutting the floor and producing as much dust as possible.

And it took hours to mix all the concrete. Small machine.

Concrete on wall, not much to say about that here.

Shaping for gods sake.

Second Part is ready.

This was the state on easter 2012. Nearly perfect.

Dust was also a big problem at that time.

Ok, let's start with the preparations for part III.

This time, we filled it up with styrofoam. It works and is 100'000 times easier work than filling it up with stones.


We did a thin layer of ghetto concete, so everything would hold together. We were not sure, if the styrofoam works so well.

Marky is a machine!

We did the concrete in November 2012.

Lunchbreak! For the first time, we had a proper lunch while working the 'crete.

Roger and Men, passionate shaping.

As said earlier, I like pictures of concrete bags.

A good team, on a hard day.

In one day, we made the big wobbel and the new quarter.

Marky setting the pool coping. They were made by Pudi, thank you a lot.

Construction Site overview.

Last pool coping setting session.

And it was done, nearly at least.

We had to take down the paint, as it produced more dust than before.

Another overview.

Fuck Yeah, we did it again!

First Session. Boris, 50-50.

A nice red carpet makes it feel comfortable.

Chrigel likes the opening session.

Everybody was here, as usual. That feels good.

And since the opening session mid december 2012, THE BEAUTY is ready to skate! Fuck Yeah!

Yes, keep the fire burning!