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Donnerstag, 17. April 2014


Alan just sent me a couple of Warriors snaps at the Beast. As usual, crazy stuff going on.

Adrien Marco at the Extension. No Ponyhof CosPlay over here. Photo: Alan Maag
Dino. DINO!!!! Photo: Alan Maag.
Fede is a nice guy, and this crail is nice too. Photo: Alan Maag
Oh yes, I like this one pretty much. Frontside rocks rule! Photo: Alan Maag
Kilian Zehnder recieves a golden shower. And now I sit and wait until someone googles this phrase. Photo: Alan Maag
MARCEL! He came and won our hearts. Not only with crazy tricks like this. Photo: Alan Maag

Tobi and the guy who killed the Beast.

We had a visitor, called Alex Halford. And everyone keeps telling me insane stories about him. He was at the Beast and he completely ripped. That guy Tobi from Germany made some very very nice pictures of this session. Including a bonus trallala of Boris. here is link, go click, be happy. clap hands. say fuck yeah.

Donnerstag, 3. April 2014

Season is on!

That guy Tobi from Germany has a good view on things. Here some shots of his first session at the Beast this year. and tumble a little bit thru his blog, it's worth a click or two.