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Donnerstag, 17. September 2015

A Spot Comes, A Spot Goes

We built this curb this summer. And it's already gone. That's sad. The best die young.

RIP Street Style Tramhaltestelle Curb.

But luckily, Christoph Spiess has a cam, so this is at least documented.

Things start as usual in the Bowl. This guy Dan. He's a fucking airplane.

But like an airplane with tons of style.

Everyone's favorite Japanese Artist, Alex. Killing the Death Box.

And this guy Marc. So much progress in one summer. This stuff doing there, you rule!

Ok, now, let's move over to the streets of glory. Sunset is on, time for some hair whipping noseslides.

This guy Christoph. Styles for miles, and this sunset backtail is epic. Like really. Epic.

The aeroplane guy again. He knows what to do on a curb session.

This guy is tired of our shit. 

Again, Christoph with a deluxe backtail.

Frontside 5-0 are no problem for Alex as well.

Former street skating wonder child Sylvain with a casual smith.

I think I miss this spot. It was good fun. 
How sessions end. as usual.