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Montag, 22. Dezember 2014

the cutie

HOHOHO, its never to soon for a cristmas present;
so we proud to presenting the new shit in downtown Zureich;

mhhhh so many things, photo etienne
Step1, photo Etienne Messikommer

Step2, photo Serge Bertschy

 Step3, photo Etienne Messikommer
Step4, photo Serge Bertschy

antistress derail plan, edited by ouer wounderfull Boris Dietschi, photo Serge Bertschyüchi, photo Marco Hofer

oh, guys lets get 3 ähh 4, no 4.5cubic concret, photo unknow

whuuupiwhuuup, photo Etienne Messikommer

strange metal, photo Guillom

cleaning, photo Elliot Goff

FERTIG 1, photo Etienne Messikommer

FERTIG 2, photo Etienne Messikommer

FERTIG 3, photo Etienne Messikommer

FERTIG 4, photo Etienne Messikommer
first disastero, from tower Luca, photo Serge Bertschy

Elliot Goff, with a wounderful crail, photo Serge Bertschy

Dienstag, 9. Dezember 2014

20 Years of Kampsa - FULL MOVIE

There are certain DIY Spots in the World, that are quite magical. One of those KAMPSA in the Basque Country.

So much Herzblut and Love in one spot, super cool locals and super heavy sessions. They have now released their full history movie. 20 years of Kampsa, which puts them in a league as Burnside.

So lean back, grab a Keler18, and enjoy 53 minutes of awesome DIY History.