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Dienstag, 16. April 2013

The Beast - Concrete Fundraising Party, Friday 26th April 2013

Maybe you know it, maybe not.

But we are doing a huge fundraising party for THE BEAST AND THE BEAUTY!

The Beast and the Beauty need some renovations. And therefore, we need to gain some money to continue in our concrete dreamland. Best way to get some money, is to kick a killer Party, like last year, including some good music, cheap booze and all night skateboarding.

So we are proud to announce our first live act, one of Zurichs finest HC Bands, "DAS EMPIRE". And as the second Act, we have the wonderful and amazine "ALFATEC" from Italy.

So prepare yourself for the 26th of April. A hell of a night is coming up.

And the Facebook Event Link is here:

The Beast, construction Phase 2

And slowly, it keeps progressing. A new quarter and a new bank are in the working.

And fuck, summer, we missed you. It feels so good to be back at the Beast.

That's why we need to do a party!!!

Mirco and Marco having fun in the Beauty

Not so long ago, temperatures were fucking low, and we had to skate to stay warm.

So enjoy here, Marco Hofer and Mirco Bitterli, having fun in the Beauty. And the Video is by Theis.

Donnerstag, 11. April 2013

The Session and the SRCKI

Yesterday was a glorious night. Our friends of the Boldrider / ROW Gang were in town, and we had two great sessions at the beauty. And as an encore, their band SRCKI played a gig, which to say at last, was HEART WARMING/KILLER!

Finger on da trigger AKA Christoph Spiess took some very very nice shots of this night. Bad luck, the Slovenians were too tired to skate themselves, so, no Pumpa Shots here. Just the usual suspects.

The first time this year, it's warm enough to chill outside! © Christoph Spiess

The Fuchs, going to the Roof. © Christoph Spiess

The Herzblut Gang send some of their finest: Stadi, FS 5-0. © Christoph Spiess

The Fuchs, getting some speed. © Christoph Spiess

Long Hair, don't care. Nicolas, dressed in elegant black. © Christoph Spiess

Etienne, needs something to lean on. © Christoph Spiess

Mirco got insanely good this winter. Backside Disaster in the Oververt pocket. © Christoph Spiess

Fuchs, WTF. A Crailslide? Up there? Geh spinnts dir? © Christoph Spiess

Herzblut Gang Boss, Paul Buner © Christoph Spiess

Etienne with a Fakie Crooks. On the worst coping of the whole spot. © Christoph Spiess

Feeblomat Grind by the N. © Christoph Spiess

And a layback to make the night a night. © Christoph Spiess

Here we are, concert of the awesome SRCKI.

Naked Drummer! 

Thats a good fucking bunch, those ROW / Boldriders!

Come back soon guys, we miss you already!

Samstag, 6. April 2013

working days

puuh, two hard days of working have passed. we did a lot of work on the surrounding, preparing stuff for the new concrete.

so here we are, new tribune, new lounge, new grill.

the only thing remaining IS FUCKING SUMMER!!!

Donnerstag, 4. April 2013

SRCKI live in the Autonomer Beauty Salon

Our dear friends from Postojna/Slovenia, the awesome ROW/BOLDRIDERS, are visiting us next week. And with that opportunity, they play a live show with their band on Wednesday 10. March in the Beauty Salon. So all lovers of good thrashy skate punk, you better come!