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Mittwoch, 26. März 2014

Watch 88 Achres of Anarchy online. Legal. Yes.

Snagfilms is a documentary film website, where hundreds of wonderful documentations are listed. And yes, it is even legal.

I just found 88 Achres of Anarchy on it. A doc about the history of Skateopia. Enjoy:

Samstag, 22. März 2014

the last shooting.

so, today is the day.

the last session.

the last stand.

we did some photos on wednesday.  enjoy them and be a little sad with us. the beauty will be gone and it will be irreplacable!

Alex Schauwecker learned quickly, how to skate this beauty thing! Photo: Buechi 
Boris was out of order, playing Basketball is no good bro! Photo: Spiess

This backside smith looks really like witchcraft. Go Team Bavaria! Photo: Buechi

And yes, Damien has still one of the finest FS Smiths in the Business. Photo: Buechi

Our favorite Luca, feebling around the whole fucking corner. You crazy? Photo: Buechi

Texas Hold'em Photo: Buechi

This guy Hofer. He knows this tail bashers. Photo: Buechi

Hurricane too! Photo: Buechi

Men had a hell of a night. First this Rocknroll. Photo: Buechi

Then this backside disaster in the pocket. RESPECT. Photo: Buechi

And a new trick in the last shoot. Nosegrab grinders. Photo: Spiess.

Switch Feebles aint no fun. Serge knows it. Photo: Buechi

What skating in the Beauty looks most of the time.

Freitag, 14. März 2014

The last session at the Beauty.

It's true and sad, but the Beauty will be gone end of March.

So we call for a last Session on the 22nd of March.

Don't miss it!!!

Awesome Flyer by Borriak.

The House next to the Beauty. Photo: Christoph Spiess