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Freitag, 28. Juni 2013

The Beast Sommerfest 2013

Listen all.

We gonna do this hell of a summerfest on the 6th of July.

Don't miss it.


Nothing more to say. Don't miss it!
Boris did it.

The new paint!

So the Beast is repainted. We hope it doesn't get tagged so fast.

We took the opportunity to shoot some pictures. Enjoy it. And don't forget, on the 6th of July is the Beast Party!

Alex Kaspar, Body Jar! Photo: Buechi

Christoph Spiess, Backsmith! Photo: Buechi

Here we go with the Deepend Show. Christoph Spiess, Smith Deluxe. Photo: Buechi

And a 5-0 Photo: Buechi 
And a lipslide. Thank you very much! Photo: Buechi 

Bck D in the Pocket. Photo: Buechi

Next Rider coming up. Marc Bachmann, hi-speed fiddy slasher. Photo: Buechi

Yeah, just go fuck yourself too. Photo: Buechi

Thats what I call timeless style! Photo: Buechi

And a feeble in the pocket to call it a night. Photo: Buechi

Brothers from different mothers. Photo: Buechi

Mattias Winiger of Das Empire in for the Boardslide. Photo: Christoph Spiess.

And a slasher. Photo: Christoph Spiess 
And a nice backsmith by Nicolas before we go drinking. Photo: Christoph Spiess

Bigger, Better and a Wobbel!

Finally, the Beast is growing. Photo: Buechi

It was hot, but it was great! Photo: Buechi
Everytime you finish a project, you start thinking, what you could build next. Which part to extend, and where this super easy trainings quarter pipe should be located.

So was it exactly this time. The moment we finished the Beast, two years ago, we were thinking what would be the next step. We knew for sure to have a funny little quarter, a possibility to do transfers out of the Bowl and of course, a speed wobbel.

We started mid-march with the dirt work and the rebars. But shitty weather postponed the concrete days until mid June.

We also improved the chill area and repainted the Beast. Now it looks awesome and fingerlicking yummy. Skating is more fun than ever!

Enjoy here the photodrop with Marc Bachmanns and Nicolas Büchis photos.

We have to thank a lot to KIBAG Concrete. They sponsored us again, and the concrete is perfect. Thanks a lot KIBAG!
A concrete slip and slide. It actually worked. Photo: Marc Bachmann
Syltan was in the second shift, smoothing it! Photo: Marc Bachmann

Chrigel and the Wobbel! Photo: Marc Bachmann
Overview after day 2. Photo: Buechi 
Overview of day 1 work. Photo: Marc Bachmann
Did I mention it was incredibly hot? Photo: Buechi
on day 2 we did the flat! Photo: Buechi 
Shaping, trallaala! Photo: Marc Bachmann 
Slip and slide Olé Olé Photo: Büchi
Heavy Work! Photo: Nicolas Büchi
Boris derailing! Photo: Büchi
Smoothest Surface we ever made! Photo: Buechi 
Exhausted and drinky! Photo: Marc Bachmann

Freitag, 21. Juni 2013

go skateboarding day at the beast

alan maag foto.

it was fucking awesome (*slayer playing)

we're still drinking.

Constructing the Beauty - The forgotten Film.

Nearly forgotten.

I developed this film, found some gems of the Beauty Construction Phase III.

A paradise is often made of thrash and broken bricks.

And handcrafted.


Enlightment comes from above.

Groundwork II.

Bricks & Mortar.

Love Making Machine.

Creating a paradise exhausts you fast.

Touching it.

Mittwoch, 19. Juni 2013

remember last year!

our good friend and mavericks shop keeper Monir Sahili just me sent me this nice shot of last summer.

thanks yo!

and don't forget! on the 6th of july is the beast party!!!