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Sonntag, 1. Juli 2012

Burning the Cross: The last night of the Black Cross Bowl

The Black Cross Bowl is so important for us. It all started there. Without the BCB there would be no Bowlriding for me, no September Wheels, and of course, no Beast! So we travelled yesterday to Basel, to celebrate the last night of the Bowl. And of course, to see the cross burning!

The session was insane, Boldriders from Postojna showing up, the Herzblut Gangsters from Sargans, Kilu and his Ramp Gang from Luzern, we from the Beast, and everyone else who is into DIY Projects and Bowl skating.

This was real, pure and raw Skateboarding. And a session, you will never forget!

Right after the last song of the Lombego Surfers, a hell of a thunderstorm came up on the bowl. Even Satan hates the Bowl. Golfball sized Ice bullets hitting heads. After 15 minutes everything was back ok. Except some wet t-shirts.

Ivo wants to swim. Or worships the cross. Don't know.


Kilu and Moler wating for the session restart.

Christoph Merkt, enjoying the party, veeeery well.

"Ten minutes at the fire, and my stuff is dry again. Hehe."

Leandro with an incognito drink.

Just a picture before everything gets up in flames!


 Cool guys play with burning crosses.

The Dom and the Merkt.

Sylvain is wet, not angry, just drinkful.

Chilling in the rain.

Leandro giving yome company in the rain.

Rain is over, back to business.


The Captain stares a last time at the Cross!

Julian Furones is a crazy dude, Noseblut drop in the bowl. In the third try, he made it!


One happy Oli Bürgin, after he made the kickflip transfer for the first time. Respect Oli, that was great skateboarding.

This was the make. And the cross was already burning. Good Julian!


 From there on it was all destruction.


Merkt and his cross. Over.

Leandro and his cross.

Oli and his cross.

Stan and his cross.


Stagedived to Lombego Surfers, check.
Crailslide in the deepend. check.
A trick on a burning cross. check.
What a night.


Dan and his cross.

Sylvain was a little bit sad about the cross.


The Beast representing at the Cross. BTW. Etienne made rockfakie on the burning cross. 


September Crew Basel and their cross.


Thats it. Fuck it. We had a good time. We loved you. We're ready for Port Land.


 Fallen cross.

Etienne: Party mode on!

The will to destruct burns in Olis eyes.


Baguetienne, relaxing from all this mayhem.


Thats it. Session over. Black Cross Bowl is dead. See you soon again in Port Land. But the cross will never be forget!


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